Meet the Artist

agate_flower_with_vine_small.JPG “I love creating with glass, meeting the challenge of turning such a cold and rigid material into warm, expressive  objects.  Hopefully, objects that people connect to emotionally and take pleasure from seeing and using every day."



I have lived in Israel for more than 30 years.  All my life I have expressed myself artistically; my illustrations, paintings, songs and writing have been sold and published in Israel and internationally.  I have supported myself and my family by delivering newspapers, working in hotels and in a ceramics studio, as a responsible safety engineer for a high-tech company for many years, and by keeping bees with a local beekeeper.  When my 4 sons were younger, I was a stay-at-home mom for almost 10 years.

Today I am a full time glass artist and sell my art through my studio, several internet sites (principally Etsy) and in art fairs around Israel.  I also produce special-order stained glass, fused glass and lampwork including unique jewelry and windows for homes, businesses and synagogues.  No two creations are ever identical or duplicated and all my work is my original design. 

I offer glass art workshops in my studio and am privilaged to teach stained glass courses in a private women's college in Jerusalem.  I have a special love of helping other artists, and teach courses on internet marketing, setting up and managing internet stores and using internet tools to promote and manage art and craft businesses. 

Inspired by the beauty of the Israeli landscape and a slower-paced lifestyle, I have lived in small farming communities since 1995.  My current home and studio are located in Livna, a wonderful community tucked into the Yatir forest, between the Hebron Hills and the Negev desert of Israel.


January 2012 update - 2011 was a great year - I published 2 books (both available through Amazon), made a lot of glass art, and dove into new techniques working with metal, fiber, and enamels.  I recommend my book, The Glass Artist's Studio Handbook for anyone interested in learning the arts of stained glass, fusing, and/or lampworking.  It's filled with unique teaching projects and is getting, for the most part, great reviews. My novel for teens, Rahel, like Rachel from the Bible, is set in Israel on a kibbutz and readers have given me great feedback about the story and the window it opened for them about kibbutz life from the eyes of a young American.

2012 continues to be a great year (yes, I know it just started) as I work on several large commissions for stained glass windows, plan some new and exciting projects, and revamp my Etsy stained glass store with a focus on wildlife.



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