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I always work according to my original designs and never copying existing work.  In my galleries I showcase a sampling of my glass art. 

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Fused Glass Gallery

It is very difficult to capture the beauty of fused glass art in a photograph. This bowl and dish are both lovely, with color depth, sparkle and texture.  The dichroic bits in the sushi dish shift color as your vision travels over the surface.

The stained glass window features a fused mandala while the teabox flower shows off a lovely fused dichroic cabuchon (cab). The miniature pomegranate was fused as one piece, rather than using soldered seams, for a smooth and light pendant.


Suncatchers can be hung on a wall or over a window. I make them sturdy enough to be hung outdoors in your garden.  They come in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors and (of course) prices. 

Each as a unique personality;  suncatchers bring color and elegance into your home without requiring investment in a full-sized window.



Jewelry Gallery

I create fused and stained glass jewelry - many of my pendants are miniature stained glass flowers.  Each is unique, light and comfortable to wear.

I solder my jewelry with silver or pewter(always lead-free!) to ensure they will be healthy to wear.  Most findings (chains, earring hooks, etc) are true silver. Wires used are silver plate over copper core.


Stained Glass Flower Gallery

I create my bold and beautiful flowers from art glass with rainbow-spinning prisms, light-scattering crystals, ammonites (shown in my Glass & History Gallery) nugget and other fun centers.  Many are adorned with exotic beads and polished stones.

They range in style and size - some are "minis" - the size of your little finger; some are huge - bigger than a dinner plate. 

They can be hung in a window or on your wall.  They are strong enough for the outdoors and can decorate your gazebo or trellis.  A nice selection of flowers is usually available through my eBAY store.


Planter Gallery

Use these planters to dress up your patio or to bring a bit of nature indoors. 


Box Gallery

I create many styles of boxes using stained glass techniques.  Tea boxes are sized perfectly to hold individually-wrapped tea bags.  Business card boxes are made to hold standard-sized business cards although some are a little longer.  Both can hold many things - jewelry, plants, candles, your keys, loose change, mobile phone....

Lidded boxes come in various sizes.  Memory boxes are special-order creations that have something memorable embedded in the lid such as a photo, wedding or bat-mitzvah invitation.   Click here  to learn more about memory boxes. 



Glass & History Gallery

I love incorporating ancient things (for lack of a better word) into my stained glass creations.  Because I am not an antiquities expert, I can not guarantee that they are valuable;  I include them for their mysterious aura and for the interest they add to my art.  Some things I collect myself and some I buy from sources I have learned to trust.    

I live in Israel, in the northern Negev desert.  We are not far from the Ela Valley, where David fought Goliath.  Near my home, Jewish kings ruled hilltop cities such as Lachish and Azeka and the Romans built magnificant houses and oversaw their holdings.  The crusaders raised churches floored with lovely mosaics.   I do not collect from archaeologic sites (forbidden!!) but keep my eyes open while hiking through the cattle ranges, olive orchards and wheat fields.  For a while I worked as a beekeeper, a job that sent me deep into these ancient landscapes.  My shards & glass come from what I find.

Ammonites fossils are from sea-creatures that lived 100-140 million years ago, from the days of dinosaurs. Israeli ammonites are protected and you will not find any in my work (or home!).  Most of my ammonites are from Madagascar and purchased from the British Fossil Society, but I also use ammonites from the USA and Mexico.



Windows bring light, joy and color into your life; they help you start every day with pleasure.  A stained glass window can block an undesirable view, provide privacy and add an exciting focus to an otherwise dull or sedate area.  They make a very personal statement and add to your home's personality.

Windows are always created as a private commission because they must be installed into very specific spaces and because clients must be involved in the design process of such an important and very visible part of their home, business or synagogue  - after all, they are the ones who will live with it every day!

While they are sometimes a costly investment, stained glass windows add to the value of your home.  Studies in the USA have shown that people selling their houses recieve more and better offers when they have even a small stained glass window installed in their home.


Mirror & Frame Gallery

I make mirrors in almost every shape and size.  Most are created without client participation and sold in art fairs. 

A mirror can bring color into a quiet room. Careful thought to placement lets you use it as a tool to add reflected light to a dark corner or make a small room seem bigger. 

Mirrors can be privately commissioned if they need to match a specific decor or be a certain shape or size. 


Hair Ornaments

I create miniature stained glassart hair clips with the same high-quality materials I use for all my art.  As with all my creations, no two are identical.  Some clips are quite traditional, but occasionally I make something really outrageous for the bold of heart.

I solder (never glue!) the pieces onto high-quality medium or large size metal clips so that they will stand up to tugging and adjustments without danger of falling apart.  And yes, that's me modeling the clips...



Door Plates & Holiday Greetings

These door plates are hand-painted and kiln-fired to 695 degrees C.  This sinks the glaze into the glass for permanence and shine.  These can include bead strings for accent. Plates with names must be made to order and the client can indicate a prefered color scheme. Plates can be used for many purposes including labling drawers, noting house numbers or family names, giving a blessing or prayer, marking a bedroom, etc. Available in English & Hebrew, they can be hung indoors or out - the colors will never fade.

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