About private commissions:

While private commissions are generally very personal projects such as windows and memory boxes, I have also created on commission smaller items such as picture frames, mirrors, zodiac hangings and agate flowers.

Some glassart can ONLY be made as a private commission:  memory boxes, door plates with family names, made-to-order windows, lampshades, desk sets (matching pen/pencil holder, mirror,  paper block tray and business card box) and any item that will be etched with a personal message.


Commissioned for a private home to match existing decor

Commissioning an item is really the only way to be involved in the design process of a piece and to guarantee that it will be available for you to buy it.

A private project contract can specify that I will not work on your project on Shabbat or holiday.

I do not charge for consultation.  In many cases I do require a downpayment to cover the cost of materials. 


Commissioned for a private home on Moshav Lachish


Commissioned by a first-time grandmother

If you are interested in commissioning something special, please contact me to describe your project and to request a written bid. 

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