Learn to create glass art & to to market your work

 I am pleased to announce that renovations of my studio are complete and I now offer glass art workshops for groups of 2-8 people (depending on the subject).  Computer and Internet marketing courses for artists can accomodate 1-20 students.

Course Offerings

Internet for Artists.  1 or 2 day workshop. Learn the ins and outs of marketing your work through the internet, including selecting a store, creating a listing, digital photography support, customer relations, pricing your work, etc.  By the end of the workshop, each artist will have opened at least 1 internet store.  For individuals and groups of up to 20 students, age 16+.  Price varies per size of group, number of days, and location.    Does not require a computer during workshop.

Computer for Artists.  12 session course. Learn to use several programs that support your business needs. Includes the material from Internet for Artists Workshop.  By the end of the course, students will have mastered MS Office programs, created promotional material and business guides, and opened at least 1 store and website or blog.  For individuals groups up to 20 students - price per person varies per size of group, number of days, and location. Requires a computer for each student

Open-studio Workshops. 2.5 hours each, regularly scheduled on Sunday and Wednesday evenings in my home studio. Price is per person, including all materials, tools and instructions, and varies per workshop. Class size is limited to up to 8 students.  Next scheduled workshops: 

  • October 28th:  Create fused glass jewelry.  
  • November (every Sunday & Wednesday):   Lampworking basics - private lessons only
  • To schedule a workshop for a different time or subject, please email me or call me.

My home workshops are open only to women (age 14+) and places must be reserved in advance.  Please contact me for more information.  Call me at 054-8100-596 (in Israel) to schedule. 

A taste of Glass:  1-3 day intensive workshops (8 hours per day).  

  • 1-day workshop = 800 NIS + materials per person*
  • 2-day workshop = 1,400 NIS + materials per person*
  • 3-day workshop = 1,800 NIS + materials per person*

*All prices include VAT.  Materials included in the cost, for groups of 3 or more. Cost includes use of all tools and personal instruction.  Materials charged per actual cost.  Workshops can cover any combination of stained glass, fusing and lampworking - itineraries are designed to meet the students' preferences.  1-6 people per group.  Accomodations not included, but available in Livna (easy walking distance) or in the city of Arad (20 minutes by car).  Public transportation (Egged #51) runs from Beer Sheva or Kiryat Arba to Livna several times every day.

Are you planning a trip to Israel and looking for something amazing to do with your family?  I now have a US-based phone number, too:  415-935-8170.  If you call this number, please let it ring for quite a while as the phone is necessarily far from both my office and my studio.  Please calculate our time-zone differences when choosing when to call!

Courses in your school - stained glass only I can teach groups of up to 25 students in your school or matnas (community club), minimum 10 sessions of at least 3 hours per session.  You provide all the materials, tools and appropriate location.    Call me 054-8100-596 (in Israel) or email me for more details.







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